Sale Items

As our extra virgin olive oils approach their best-by dates, we put them on sale. First, we taste them to ensure their quality. They present excellent values.
A high quality selection from DOP Terra di Bari at a very good price. Rich and flavorful with fresh pepper in the finish. Bold yet balanced. 100% Coratina olives from Tenuta Cocevola in coastal Puglia. Was $14.75. Now on Sale. Best by July 2014.

This family firm is located in the hills of Mercatale Val di Pesa in the Chianti Classico zone. Primolio is a blend of Frantoio and Moraiolo olives, plus a small amounts of Leccino, Maurino, and Pendolino. Was $15.50. Now on sale. Best by 28 Sept. 2014.

A family production from the Schiralli family near Bari. GOLD Medal Winner, New York, April 2013. Los Angeles, Silver Medal, April 2013. A lovely little gift, packed with flavor. Unfiltered. Was $18.50. Now on Sale. Best by December 2014.

Enjoy this Veneziana Classica for your Easter table. Hand made near Vincenza. This is similar to both Colomba and Pannetone. Was $29.95. Now on Sale.

Gold Medal, Olive Japan. Every now and then we happen upon a lovely undiscovered olive oil. Le Cinque Aquile from Montespertoli, near Florence, is one of those fortunate discoveries. From the Chianti Colli Fiorentini. Was $29.95. Best by 31 May 2014.

Olive oils from Lucca are buttery compared to other Tuscan selections. Grown on a hillside above Lucca, this oil is rich and full-bodied. Unfiltered. Originally $36.95. Now on sale. Best by July 2014.

Alina, a 100% Nostrana di Brisighella. The oil is of a superior quality, green in color with a golden glint. Slow Food and Gambero Rosso - 3 Leaves. Best by July 2014. Was $42.95. Now on Sale. Tasted again December 2013: still fabulous. Rich flavor!

From Madonna Dell'Oliva, Raro d’oliva extra vergine is a rare find. This is a denocciolato oil, meaning that the olive pits were removed from the olives before pressing. (Most other oils press whole olives). Was $32.95. Best by December 2014.