Seasonal Specialties

Simply precious little extravagances. Perfect holiday treats.
Make a new discovery for your favorite foodie with a gift of Mugolio, pine cone bud syrup, from forests in the Dolomites. Be sure to read the full description of this special syrup collected from the buds of Mugo pines, growing wild.

In the morning shadows of Mt. Etna, the little town of Bronte is the home to the best pistachios in the land. vibrant green pistachios are blended to a cream, ready to be used to elevate a breakfast or brunch onto toast, waffles or a good grainy oatmeal.

Campofilone egg pasta is delicious, high protein authentic pasta. Eggs are from free range hens. The durum wheat semolina, produced in a local mill, is extracted from the heart of wheat, using only the central part of the single grain. Fettucine.

Caffe del Faro brings an international perspective in their coffee production, with careful selection of beans from coffee bean growing regions, a modern vision, and traditional Italian roasting methods. Espresso selection.

Whether from Africa, the Far East, Central, or South American, Caffe del Faro goes to the far places to bring forth the best Italian roast coffee. We hope you enjoy this Decaf selection.

Fabulous ciliegia -- cherry -- preserves from Americo Quattrociocchi's organic farm in Lazio. You won't find this intense, rich cherry experience in any other jar!

Rich, ripe strawberries crafted into strawberry jam on Americo Quattrociocchi's organic farm in Lazio. Spread on toast for summer sunshine any day of the year.

We fell under the spell of Americo Quattrociocchi's organic preserves when we tasted them in Italy. This selection is Apricot, and it is decadently rich and flavorful. Very limited quantitiy.