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Il Mongetto’s Mostarda di Uva comes to us from Monferrato in the province of Alessandria in the northern Italian Piemonte region. This is an authentic Italian preserve, perhaps best paired with cheese for an appetizer.
Mostarda di Mantova is crafted from a single type of fruit or vegetable, incorporating spicy and sweet flavors. The result is a condiment for meat and cheese. We recently served this with cheese. Was $16.95. Best by 6 June 2014.

Casa Forcelli Mostarda Mantovana di Pere - Pear

Mostarda di Mantova, in the style of Mantova, is most often crafted from a single type of fruit or vegetable, and the flavors may range from spicy to sweet.

These condiments are crafted in accordance with tradition, and are produced by candying fruits and adding concentrated mustard essence to the juice.

Casa Forcelli produces mostarde in small batches using seasonally available fruit from local growers.

Mostarda is traditionally served as a condiment with cooked meats or salumi. They pack a spicy punch with the texture and sweetness of jam. They are very nice with a selection of cheeses. For a dinner, this complements pork and pancetta. Serve a spoonful with each plate.

This selection is Pear. It goes well with Asiago, Parmigiano Reggiano, and Pecorino Romano.

In the city of Mantova fruited mustards are traditionally made by cooking fruit with mustard essence. Traditionally served as a condiment alongside roasted meats, wild game, and salumi, mostarda provides a spicy punch along with a jam-like sweetness. Our mostarda is like wine and we recommend that it be “decanted” before serving to release its full flavor.

Mostarda di Mantova, unlike mostarda from Cremona, is usually made up of a single type of fruit or vegetable, and can range from sweet to spicy. The Cremona variety tends to have more than one type of fruit and the chopped fruits are larger.

Mantova (also known as Mantua) is located in the province of Lombardia.

Ingredients: Pear, Sugar, Mustard Essence
  • Size:220 gr. / 7.85 oz.
  • Region:Lombardia
  • PronunciationCAH-sa for-CHELL-ee Moh-STAR-da
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