Map of Abruzzo

Along the Adriatic on the east coast of Italy, Abruzzo (Abruzzi) fills the market basket with carrots, potatoes, spinach, peppers, tomatoes, figs and plums. There is a significant amount of olive and table grape farming, but somewhat less wine production than you might expect. This sleepy region with abandoned villages may surprise with castles, ski resorts and sandy beaches.

The main olive oil producing areas of Abruzzo are the Valli del Tordino e del Vomano, Valle del Tavo, Chietino, and Conca di Sulmona. These areas are mainly valleys rising up from the Adriatic into the rugged mountains of the region.

Bartolini's Bean Soup cooks quickly allowing for a nutritious soup in a minimum of time. This mix includes pearl barley, lentils, occhio beans, azuki green beans, and broken green peas.
Senatore Cappelli is a durum wheat variety, selected in 1915 by agronomist Nazareno Strampelli. From lingue, meaning "tongues" in Italian, this long pasta is also known as bavette.
Abruzzo. One of our favorites. Sig. Tommaso Masciantonio crafts this Trappéto di Caprafico Intosso single cultivar oil at his estate in Abruzzo. Last bottles. Was $42.95. Best by May 2020.
Abruzzo. For the past couple of years we've watched Rino Matone win many awards with this powerful selection. With polyphenols above 800, this is perfect for those seeking optimum heart health. We’re also pretty excited to have a new olive oil from Abruzzo!
Truffle Risotto, an authentic production from Chieti in Abruzzo. Made with Cannaroli rice, this classic accompaniment for pork, seafood, and chicken will be ready in 18-20 minutes.
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