Map of Basilicata

The mountainous terrain of Basilicata (Lucania) made communications difficult until modern times, and Basilicata has been one of Italy’s least developed provinces. This is a region for true travelers as it possesses few resorts and fine accommodations. The cooking of Basilicata is bold and vibrant with outstanding produce, tasty cheeses, a wonderful variety of fresh and dried pastas—and outstanding cured meats. We are looking for great oils from small producers in this area.

The tondino bean is small, delicate, and white. They are a festive culinary treat and are popular in Italian cuisine.
Organic and nutritious Ceci (chickpeas) are a special food of the Mediterranean diet. CioBio's chickpeas are incredibly rich, savory, and satisfying with a firm texture.
These Lenticchia (Lentils) are known for their delicate earthy flavor, very thin skin, and al dente texture. These are tiny colorful green and brown lentils. They do not require pre-soaking and they retain their shape beautifully when properly cooked.
A rare selection from Basilicata, Titolio comes to us from the noted wine maker, Elena Fucci. The dominant olive cultivar, Ogliarola del Vulture yields an oil that is powerful and sublime.
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