Map of Lombardia

Olive oil is generally not produced in Lombardia since the climate is too cold for olive trees to survive.

Moretti Coarse Yellow Polenta is a popular choice. The coarse ground polenta is served most often with hearty meats. From Bergamo in Lombardia, not far from Milan, the Moretti family has been carefully producing polenta since 1922.
Mostarda di Mantova is most often crafted from a single type of fruit. The flavors may range from spicy to sweet — and the result is a condiment for meat and cheese similar to fruit jam. This selection is Pear.
Moretti Semola (Semolina Flour) comes to us from Bergamo in the area of Lombardia. It us recommended for homemade pasta, bread, and baking. Vacuum sealed.
Authentic Italian Pine Nuts. Rich, robust, untoasted Italian pinoli. Available in limited quantities. Perfect for sauces, vegetables, salads, and desserts -- and unconstrained snacking!
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