Map of Marche

From Rome over the Appenines to the Adriatic is where you’ll find the Marche region. The market basket fills with seafood and truffles – and a bounty of produce and herbs, including peaches, plums, tomatoes, garlic, basil, lavender, and rosemary. We are pleased to present a selection of truly fine oils from Marche.

From Azienda del Carmine comes a charming sampler. Eight selections are packaged in a paint set. The tasting selection includes: Olio del Carmine, and three monocultivars, Olio de la Marchia – Leccino, Frantoio, Ascolana. Plus 4 Erbe and Agrumi!
By popular request, we have added Caponi Gluten Free Pasta to our lineup. Caponi pasta is carefully hand-crafted using only the best ingredients. This gluten free pasta is a blend of corn and rice flours in a traditional shape for pasta lovers.
This bell pepper bruschetta is a fresh twist on bruschetta. The colors are lively with red and yellow pieces. Add to artisan pizza, crostini, pasta, or to fish or meat dishes,
A delightful assortment of marinated vegetables, perfectly seasoned, with a lovely yielding bite. Ideal for placement on an antipasto platter, or for indulgent snacking.
The perfect mix of green and black Leccino olives for your antipasto platter or anytime you need a quick selection of olives! These will add just the right touch to your appetizers, snacking, or as a seasoning and garnish.
This olive bruschetta is a little lighter than others, and the delightful blend features small chunky pieces of olives, rather than a smooth pate texture. There's lots of visual interest in this olive bruschetta.
Del Carmine pasta comes to us from the coastal city of Ancona in the Marche Region. Mezze Maniche are somewhat short rigatoni. This is the classic, dense, flavorful pasta, and it cooks perfectly to al dente.
Del Carmine pasta comes to us from the coastal city of Ancona in the Marche Region. Penne pasta is ridged with angled cuts. Perfect fork-ready size for holding sauces.
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