Map of Piemonte

The Piemonte region is not considered a prime olive oil producing region due to the cold climate. This region is better known for fine red wines including Barolo and Barbaresco.

Move over Arborio. Carnaroli is now the rice preferred by chefs for velvety risotto! We adore this rice. Now in box packaging.
Acquerello is the result of tradition and innovation. Creating “the ultimate rice” is a unique and fascinating process that begins with the aging of the rice after cultivation for one year and up to seven years.
Piemont Fungo's Porcini Mushrooms bring authentic Italian flavor to your meals. Add to omelets, risotto, pasta, and sauce. New, larger bag.
A favorite Italian bean, perfect for soups, side dishes, stews, and salads.
These rich, nutty beans add nutritious flavor to your meals. They are a festive culinary treat and are popular in Italian cuisine.
Cordero Organic Bean Soup Mix is a fantastic selection of colorful beans for nutritious soup. Ceci, borlotti, cannellini, and peas are in the mix.
A favorite Italian rice, perfect for soups, side dishes, stews, and salads.
From the area south of Verona, Vialone Nano is a short round grain that is ideal with seafood dishes.
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