Return to the homeland with Brezzo's Italian Farmer's Soup! Colorful green and cream beans include peas, small white beans, split fava peas, Azuki green beans, Canellini beans, eye beans, and decorticated red lentils.
Cordero Organic Bean Soup Mix is a fantastic selection of colorful beans for nutritious soup. Ceci, borlotti, cannellini, and peas are in the mix.
Brezzo's Italian Country Soup is just what you need for a lovely gift or a satisfying meal. Colorful cream, green, and orange, the beans include split peas, pearled barley, Eston lentils, Azuki green beans, eye beans, and decorticated red lentils.
Lucedio Black Rice is a hybrid of Chinese Forbidden Rice with a local variety of Piemontese rice, which was first planted in the fields of Principato di Lucedio in 2004. Rich in color with a very noticeable nutty fragrance and incredible texture, Lucedio Black Rice is the perfect rice to serve as a side dish, create new dishes, or use as a substitute for regular rice in all your favorite dishes.
Take a delicious journey through Italy -- Piemonte, Tuscany's Maremma, and Marche -- with this celebration of the relationship between family and food.
Map of Piemonte

The Piemonte region is not considered a prime olive oil producing region due to the cold climate. This region is better known for fine red wines including Barolo and Barbaresco.

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