Both DOP and Organic, Arcamone is from one of the DeCarlo family's historic farms in Puglia. From Coratina olives, Arcamone is a top quality extra virgin olive oil and very full of flavor.
Puglia. Recognized by Flos Olei as Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the World. New York, Best of Class. This is it. De Carlo’s Tenuta Torre di Mossa DOP, stone ground extra virgin olive oil. Outstanding. Very Limited Stock.
New size! The DeCarlo family has the recipe for an amazing tomato sauce, enhanced with Violeta di Brindisi artichokes and ricotta from the area of Murcia Barese. The flavor is so appealing, it is almost magical.
Puglia. An exciting new, premium selection from Olio Mimi in Puglia. It’s powerfully enticing! Olio Mimi is the family production first masterfully produced by Domenico Conserva, now the passion is carried forth by his sons Donata and Michele, along with Domenico’s wife, Giudetta.
Olive e Agrumi - a delightful blend of green olives and citrus. The Decarlo family prides themselves on organic farming in southern region of Puglia. They produce award winning olive oil direct from the estate and use their olives to produce this incredible olive amd agrumi spread. Enjoy!
Map of Puglia

Puglia (Apulia) stretches down the heel of the boot, making it a land somewhat apart from the rest of Italy. This area is often overlooked by tourists although it is steeped in ancient history. Agriculture is the most important sector, and much olive oil is produced.

Puglia produces more olive oil than any other single region but most goes into the mass-produced oils rather than the estate bottled, high quality oils we prefer.

There are some noteworthy oils from this region, though, so don't discount Puglia. The dominant olives in Pugliese oils are Coratina, Provenzale, and Ogliarola. The oils in the region around Bari, a busy port city, are fruity and light. From the area of Bitonto, the oils are closer in character to the taste of fresh olives, with a slight almond taste. We’ve worked carefully to find small, artisan producers to provide our customers with the finest olive oils of the region.

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