Map of Sardinia

Sardinia (Sardegna) is the second largest island in the Mediterranean and is formed by mountains, hills and narrow highlands with a jagged and rocky coast. Nestled into its silent olive groves are some of Europe’s oldest archeological remains, dating back to 1700 BCE.

Fregula Sarda is very special and traditional durum wheat pasta from Sardinia. It is a variation on couscous as it is a toasted pasta. The pasta is formed and then lightly toasted, adding a depth of flavor.
In Bitter Honey, seasoned chef Letitia Clark invites us into her new home on one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean Sea – Sardinia. Cooking here reflects life: it is a slow and relaxed affair.
This is the splendid Gran Riserva Fruttato Verde from Accademia Olearia in Sardinia, where the olives grown are Bosana (65%), Semidana (30%), and Tonda di Cagliari (5%).
Six great Italian producers have created Opera Olei. It is a set of six monocultivar olive oils, representing six regions of Italy. Opera Olei brings to market the Italian excellence crafted by six young producers. Price includes Tasting Class.
From the island of Sardinia, Pitzinnas Multi Flower honey is produced from happy bees dancing through the wild flowers of Sardinia. This is precious due to its rarity.
From the island of Sardinia, Pitzinnas Eucalyptus Honey is produced from happy bees amidst the wild groves of eucalyptus trees.
Buzzing around thistle plants (close relatives of artichokes), Sardinian bees produce this divine honey. This honey has a strong character and decisive flavor.
From the sunny island of Sardinia, sweet finely chopped tomatoes from Posardi serve as the base for your next fabulous dinner.
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