Map of Umbria

Umbria, east of Tuscany and west of the Marche region, produces some of the best olive oils. Familiar as the home of chocolates from Perugia, St. Francis of Assisi, light white wines of Orvieto, and the opera of Spoleto, Umbria has hilly terrain and great climate for growing olives.

Umbria's olive oils are crafted from the olives of the Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, and Agogia and Raggiola varieties. The oils tend to have an artichoke and green tomato aroma, and sometimes have the peppery taste of Tuscan oils. Many of the Umbrian oils have a fruity flavor with a great deal of body.

Umbria is also well known for Gubbio and its fine ceramics.

Six great Italian producers have created Opera Olei. It is a set of six monocultivar olive oils, representing six regions of Italy. Opera Olei brings to market the Italian excellence crafted by six young producers. Boxed Set.
Umbria. Flos Olei 2019 Olive Oil of the Year. Crafted from Moraiolo olives by Marco Viola in the province of Perugia in Umbria.
Flaminia Fruttato is a fruity extra virgin olive oil comes from olives in the first stages of ripening, creating a full-bodied and decisive aromatic oil that is pleasantly spicy with a slight bitter after taste. The spicy and bitter notes are milder than those of other Umbrians.
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