Map of Veneto

Veneto is a coastal area and not well known for olive trees but better known for its famous cities -- Venezia (Venice), Padova (Padua) and Verona. The region possesses a wide variety of terrain, from the marshes of Venezia to the high mountains of the Dolomites. In between are beautiful hills full of olive trees and vineyards. The olive oil of the Veneto is mostly produced in the area to the east of Lago di Garda, along the Adige river and eastward. We are seeking additional fine oils from Veneto.

Rare and exclusive. From the hills above Lake Garda in Veneto. TreFórt is the Grand Cru selection from Paolo Bonomelli, truly the masterpiece of excellence. It is Italy’s most awarded extra virgin olive oil, especially in the world rankings.
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