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This precious gem is a bottle of Calabrian fig syrup, a tradition Cosenza, Calabria, for hundreds of years. A decadent accompaniment to cheeses and gelato.
A regional specialty and excellence, from Calabria. Using the famous red hot peppers of Calabria, which are known for their fresh, traditional, pleasantly spicy flavor, this will add zippy power to your dining pleasure.
Authentic Italian Pine Nuts. Rich, robust, untoasted Italian pinoli. Available in limited quantities. Perfect for sauces, vegetables, salads, and desserts -- and unconstrained snacking!
From Azienda del Carmine comes a charming sampler. Eight selections are packaged in a paint set. The tasting selection includes: Olio del Carmine, and three monocultivars, Olio de la Marchia – Leccino, Frantoio, Ascolana.
Badia a Coltibuono's Classic Red Wine Vinegar -- a traditional vinegar.
We've been on the hunt for a good balsamic vinegar jelly and are thrilled with Balsamina. One of the best balsamico producers in Modena crafts this exquisite jelly. Crafted by the fantastico Acetaia Cattani, this is a great gift to enjoy.
Bartolini's Ceci are also known as Chick Peas and Garbanzos. We find that the flavor in these dried beans, when cooked, has much more depth than the canned versions.
Bartolini's Bean Soup with Farro cooks quickly allowing for a nutritious soup in a minimum of time. This mix includes pearled spelt (farro) 31%, pearled barley, split green peas, beans, azuki green beans, and red azuki beans.
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