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These colorful rich, nutty beans from Umbria add nutritious flavor to your meals. Ideal with pasta, polenta, and minestrone.
Casa Corneli’s organic Cannellini beans are ideal for classic Tuscan dishes. Consider as a contorno with a steak (bistecca) or added to soups.
Casa Corneli’s organic Lentils are prized selections from Umbria. These are the Castelluccio variety, and they are perfect with the famous pork and sausages from Umbria. Perhaps we should say, “Yum-bria “!
This fabulous cherry compote crafted with balsamic vinegar will be the highlight of any gathering. It's ideal on cheese platters, gelato, and cheesecake!
Mostarda di Mantova is most often crafted from a single type of fruit. The flavors may range from spicy to sweet — and the result is a condiment for meat and cheese similar to fruit jam. This selection is Pear.
Mostarda di Mantova is crafted from a single type of fruit or vegetable, incorporating spicy and sweet flavors. The result is a condiment for meat and cheese. We recently served this with cheese.
Casale Paradiso's porcini mushroom polenta lets you make classic Italian polenta in next to no-time. It will be ready in 10-12 minutes.
Truffle Risotto, an authentic production from Chieti in Abruzzo. Made with Cannaroli rice, this classic accompaniment for pork, seafood, and chicken will be ready in 18-20 minutes.
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