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A wonderful and decadent pesto made from Sicilian pistachios and almonds. Goes well on pasta or as a spread on crostini for an appetizer.
Segreti di Sicilia Sugo Alla Norma is a tomato based sauce that also contains onion and eggplant. As soon as the jar is opened you will experience an intense tomato and basil aroma.
Wild Thyme from Sicily. Add to for soups, sauces and classic spice blends. Add to grilled fish. Combine with sage and rosemary to marinate grilled meats. Associated with health and vigor, ancient Romans added thyme to their baths!
Olive oil infused with rare white truffles. A northern Italian specialty! Use with potatoes, pastas, risottos, and eggs. A gem in a small bottle.
Yellow Datterino Tomatoes are great in a simple pasta sauce with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese and a drizzle of good olive oil. 2014 Finalist at the SoFi Awards. From Battipaglia in Campania.
The Decarlo family prides themselves on organic farming in southern region of Puglia. They produce award winning olive oil direct from the estate and use their olives to produce this incredible black olive spread. Enjoy!
Plump and firm Cerignola olives from DeCarlo in Puglia. Outstanding. None better!
The product label reads "cherry tomato bruschetta", but the DeCarlo family likes to call it "sun-kissed tomato passion spread". Great on sandwiches, pizzas, bruschetta -- or stir a spoonful into soups or sauce for amazing flavor.
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