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Gragnano in Corsa Spaghetti alla Chitarra. These are long pasta strands, with a different shape. They are square spaghetti and they are named for the stretched wire, like guitar strings, used to cut them.
Modern and Traditional are the keywords for Gragnano in Corsa. This superb Spaghetti is ideal with simple sauces, such as Pomodoro, Cacio e Pepe, Pesto, and Aglio e Olio e Peperoncino.
Modern and Traditional are the keywords for Gragnano in Corsa. A large spiral or spring, this Tortiglioni is exuberant and fun. Dress with ragu, Bolognese, or your favorite sauce.
Move over, Nutella. Il Colle del Gusto’s Granellona Brut is as unadulterated as it gets. Crunchy bites of crushed hazelnuts blended in a silken chocolate cream. Limited availability!
We love this hand rolled authentic pasta from Liguria. We've served it with Red Pesto with Truffles for a flavorful meal. This shape takes about 20 minutes to cook, and it is worth the wait!
A herb and salt blend artfully crafted by Casina Rossa with sea salt, rosemary, sage, oregano, bay leaf, parsley, scallion, black pepper, white pepper, garlic, and juniper, it is a great rub for beef, pork, and chicken. Also makes a flavorful complement to roasted mushrooms, eggplants, and tomatoes.
This delicacy, branzino, is sustainably caught, gently grilled, and hand-packed with a mild olive oil to allow the fish's delicate flavor to come through. The recipe used reflects the tradition of fisherman grilling fresh-caught branzino and drenching the fillets with olive oil. Tender and elegantly flavorful, these exquisite fillets are a pantry staple. .
Outstanding bright peppers are mashed to a coarse paste, mixed with olive oil, and left to macerate for a few months to develop the many layers of complex flavors found in IASA's Peperoncino Piccante in Olive Oil.
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