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Anfosso Red Pepper Pesto will make your pasta day brighter with this combination of red bell peppers and extra virgin olive oil. Crafted in small batches, this is also ideal on crostini, bruschetta, and on a panini with grilled chicken!
​Perfect for lively, flavorful meals with the Tomato Sauce with Basil from Anfosso in Liguria! It is a classic sauce that pairs well with traditional pasta shapes.
This Anfosso Porcini Mushroom Sauce is ideal with a ribbon pasta such as pappardelle or linguine. Also, try this for a great bruschetta!
Antica Italia Cannellini beans are ideal for classic Tuscan dishes. Ideal for soups and side dishes..
The chef’s choice for pizza flour, now makes this Gluten Free flour. Give it a try!
Freeze for longer storage. The chef’s choice for pizza flour, also makes great authentic Italian yeast.
A delightful assortment of marinated vegetables, perfectly seasoned, with a lovely yielding bite. Ideal for placement on an antipasto platter, or for indulgent snacking.
This precious gem is a bottle of Calabrian fig syrup, a tradition Cosenza, Calabria, for hundreds of years. A decadent accompaniment to cheeses and gelato.
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