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This bell pepper bruschetta is a fresh twist on bruschetta. The colors are lively with red and yellow pieces. Add to artisan pizza, crostini, pasta, or to fish or meat dishes,
A delightful jar of grilled artichoke halves, perfectly seasoned. Ideal for placement on an antipasto platter, or for indulgent snacking.
A unique product with a very simple recipe. Use as a perfect side-dish for roasted meat, or a really impressive ingredient in your salads, or an appetizer in your aperitif. This olive mix is the perfect finish to your antipasto plate.
The perfect mix of green and black Leccino olives for your antipasto platter or anytime you need a quick selection of olives! These will add just the right touch to your appetizers, snacking, or as a seasoning and garnish.
This olive bruschetta is a little lighter than others, and the delightful blend features small chunky pieces of olives, rather than a smooth pate texture. There's lots of visual interest in this olive bruschetta.
If Spicy is your middle name, Bomba Pugliese is for you. This spicy “pulse” or spread adds zest wherever it is spooned. Ideas? Add to a pannini, stir a spoonful in pasta sauce, or add a spoonful in a dip.
Our friends in Italy do marvelous things with vegetables. Take this artichoke pate. Best for appetizers and small bites, serve with burrata, buffalo ricotta cheese, and on bites of crispy bread. A beautiful and tasty addition to your table.
Hand trimmed artichokes are lightly grilled for this delectable vegetable treat. Great for antipasto platters and appetizers.
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