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The perfect mix of green and black Leccino olives for your antipasto platter or anytime you need a quick selection of olives! These will add just the right touch to your appetizers, snacking, or as a seasoning and garnish.
This olive bruschetta is a little lighter than others, and the delightful blend features small chunky pieces of olives, rather than a smooth pate texture. There's lots of visual interest in this olive bruschetta.
Hand trimmed artichokes are lightly grilled for this delectable vegetable treat. Great for antipasto platters and appetizers.
Hand trimmed red peppers are lightly grilled for this delectable vegetable treat. Great for sandwiches, panini, antipasto platters and appetizers.
A traditional preparation from southern Italy. This distillate is a fish sauce extracted from cured anchovies. Each batch takes five months to produce. Featured in the Wall Street Journal’s Guide to the Best in Summer Food (May 14, 2011).
These rich, nutty beans add nutritious flavor to your meals. They are a festive culinary treat and are popular in Italian cuisine.
A favorite Italian bean, perfect for soups, side dishes, stews, and salads.
Cordero Organic Bean Soup Mix is a fantastic selection of colorful beans for nutritious soup. Ceci, borlotti, cannellini, and peas are in the mix.
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