Core ’Ngrato Denocciolato Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2020

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  • Bottle Size:500 ml
  • Harvest: 2020
  • Region:Campania
  • Rating: 98


Miglior Olio Campania Assoluto- Selezione AIRO 2021

Grande Olio Slow - Slow Food 2021

Gambero Rosso La Stella 2021 for 10 consecutive years of Tre Foglie

2021 Flos Olei Farm Score (99/100)

2020 Flos Olei Farm Score (99/100)

2019 Flos Olei Farm Score (98/100)

The name is about love and passion. Pavarotti and Enrico Caruso are just two of the musicians who have made this their signature song.

Intense fruity new superior olive oil from Antonino Menella, is masterfully composed of Itrana and Coratina olives in a 50-50 blend. This is a denocciolato selection, meaning the pits were removed before the pulp was pressed. Denocciolato oils are a rare find, and this one from Salerno in Campania is an excellent find. It comes from Madonna Dell’olivo, the estate of Antonio Mennella, near the Pasetum archeological park.

The back label graphic demonstrates the relative intensities of Fruttato (fruity), Floreale (floral), Amaro (sweet), and Piccante (spicy). The Fruttato and Spicy qualities are more dominant than the well balanced Amaro and Bitter.

This selection is golden green and possesses an aroma of freshly cut grass, vegetables, ripe tomato, parsley, mint and basil. It is deliciously full-bodied with good bitterness that ends with a balanced pepperiness.

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