Flos Olei Eccellenza Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Set

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  • Bottle Size:3 x 500 ml
  • Certification:Organic (Quattrociocchi Olivastro)
  • Harvest: 2021
  • Region:Umbria, Lazio, Puglia
  • Tasting Notes: a great way to expand your olive oil knowledge with notable olive oils
  • Rating: 99-100



Celebrate great olive oils with Marco Oreggia's Flos Olei Guide 2022 and three top selections noted in the guide. Gift Boxed.

Viola Il Sincero Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Marco Viola is the 4th generation to care for the trees at the family farm in Umbria. He crafts Il Sincero with an eye toward the amazing characteristics of the Moraiolo olive. His age-old trees grow rocky soil on hillsides near Sant'Eraclio Foligno in the province of Perugia. This new selection, Il Sincero, is full bodied with herbaceous notes of thistle and the balsamic scent of mint, basil, and rosemary. The taste will fill the mouth with hints of thistle, black pepper, aided by almond on the finish. Meet your match. Ideal food pairings include bean soup, chickpea cream with toasted bread, larded pork fillet, and salad of wild greens. Adventurous pair this with roasted game including hare and pigeon. This is great with sweet pepper sauce. Marco recommends this with medium mature cheeses, and also with orange or tangerine sorbets. Flos Olei 2022 Score 100/100.

Best of the World 2022 - Monocultivar Olive Oil by Celletti (10/10)

Gambero Rosso La Stella 2022 for 10 consecutive years of Tre Foglie

Flos Olei 2022 (100/100)

Flos Olei 2022 - Hall of Fame

Il Magnifico 2022 - Finalist

The Quattrociocchi family has been growing olives since the year 1888, their passion handed down through generations. The family farm, the Quattrociocchi home for generations, is located among centuries old olive groves on the Alatri hills, in the heart of the Ciociaria area of Lazio, southeast of Rome.

The olive grove spans approximately 120 hectares and with 34,000 trees of the Moraiolo, Leccino, and Itrana varieties. Olivastro is a monocultivar oil, composed solely of Itrana olives. The oil is certified organic.

The entire product processing cycle takes place on the farm which sets the standards for organic family: from growing and harvesting the olives to the crushing, all steps are completed directly in the farm’s own oil mill. The oil is then stored in steel silos, where it remains until bottling.

The Wall Street Journal, 10 January 2019, page D5: Najmieh Batmanglij. The cookbook author dishes... "My pantry is always stocked with Olio Quattrociocchi Olivastro, an organic olive oil..." and further recommends its wonderful use in salads.

A light green oil with golden notes. It is intensely fruity with elements of fresh herbs enhanced by notes of cardoon and green tomato. Bitterness and spiciness are well balanced, yet the spicy characteristic is persistent.

Best on fresh green salads, pinzimonio, roasted and grilled vegetables, broiled and grilled fish, and pasta.

Tasting Notes: We love Olivastro's herbaceous notes! We found it to have a beautiful aroma, possess vegetale and herbaceous notes, with lingering spicy/peppery notes. This oil has just slight bitter notes.

Flos Olei 2022 (100/100) and Hall of Fame

L'Orciolo d'Oro/Lodo 2022 - Best Organic (99.98/100)

Gambero Rosso La Stella 2022 for 10 consecutive years of Tre Foglie

Oro di Lazio 2022- Monovarietal, Migliore

ASSAM 2022

Intini Cima di Mola. Let's set the scene. This exquisite olive oil hails from the lands of Alberobello. Is that name familiar? It is the famous town where the homes are the unusual looking, Trulli.

This intensely fruity olive oil is the signature product of Olio Intini. This is a difficult cultivar and it is nearly extinct. Due to the growing conditions, this is an expensive olive oil to produce. Pietro Intini is committed to reintroducing Cima di Mola, and crafting an excellent olive oil that is powerful and bitter (due to the high polyphenol content).

Fragrance: intense, complex, with notes of hazelnut, arugula, radicchio, and tomato leaf.
Taste: persistent with driven clear and bitter notes.
Use: Best with dishes accepting of a robust olive oil. Ideal with soups (especially with beans/grains), minestrone, grilled red meats and always on fava beans and chicory.

From the 2022 Flos Olei Farm of the Year, comes this astounding and outstanding single cultivar selection, crafted from Cima di Mola olives. This producer has received awards from all of the best competitions and guides, including Slow Food, Il Magnifico, Bibenda, Extravoglio, Merum, Slow Food Presidia, and Olive Japan (Best of Show 2019).


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