Pelliccia Single Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2021

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  • Bottle Size:500 ml.
  • Harvest: 2021
  • Region:Lazio
  • Tasting Notes: floral aromas with nuances of grass, herbs...buttery
  • Rating: 94
  • Pronunciationpel-LEE-chi-ya
  • UPC678584100005


True to the standards and distinction of extra virgin olive oil grown and cultivated by one family on their private estate, the Pelliccia family presents this product with great pride. The olives are hand picked from trees on their own property. The production process is controlled at every stage, resulting in a fine extra virgin oil with good flavor and vibrant color.

The estate is near the town of Itri, south of Rome in Lazio along the historic Appian Way. The olives are the Itrani varietal and produce a mellow aroma, mild flavor, and nice color. Lightly filtered, this oil has a clean golden color with a hint of green. We found this year's Pelliccia to be smooth and buttery, with a distinct peppery finish.

2021 tasting notes: The aromas are floral and sweet, and the taste is buttery with very light pepper. The bitter notes are very slight, perhaps the lightest of any selection this year.

Slow Food has praised Pelliccia olive oil for its “classic” golden color and enticing aromas, in particular the yellow apple and sweet spice notes. The well-rounded flavor, culminates in a slightly peppery finish. This is a somewhat mild oil when compared to others.

Attached to the cork is a spout that, once inserted in the bottle, allows users to drizzle this splendid oil with precision.

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