Acetaia Leonardi Balsamic Panettone

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  • Region:Emilia Romagna
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This lovely imported holiday cake is the ultimate Italian holiday treat. Originally from Milan, panettone is found in almost every Italian home -- and many Italian -American homes-- during the holiday season. Sold elsewhere for $80!

A buttery dome of rich brioche egg bread, panettone is traditionally served after the Christmas meal, along with an assortment of cookies, mixed nuts, and torrone.

It is also a lovely treat for brunch, served as is, toasted, or as French Toast.

This panettone is a fresh twist on a classic recipe - fresh baked Panettone filled with sweet Balsamic Glaze, only improving the traditional panettone, with intense flavor and studded with raisins. You will hear raves from those who receive this gift!

Beautifully boxed. A lovely gift for friends, family, and clients.

750 grams

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