Agrumato Blood Orange Condimento Olive Oil

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  • Bottle Size:200 ml.
  • Region:Abruzzo
  • Tasting Notes: essence of blood orange
  • Rating: NR
  • Pronunciationah-gru-MAH-to
  • UPC793232405148


Fresh citrus -- whole Sicilian Blood Oranges -- crushed together with olives, Agrumato! You'll taste the peppery and grassy elements of a good extra virgin olive oil melded together with the aroma of dark orange zest.  Fresh from Abruzzo.

You’ll taste the best of full taste of Orange, in the aroma and on the tongue. The flavors are bright and crisp in the oil pressed from Gentile di Chieti, Leccino, and Olivastra cultivars.

Add to any salads and grilled foods (salmon is a winner!) to share your love of oranges! Ideal over squash puree. This is especially good over vanilla gelato or orange sorbet and delightful in an olive oil cake.

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