Agrumato Citron Condimento Olive Oil

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  • Bottle Size:200 ml.
  • Region:Abruzzo
  • Tasting Notes: essence of citron
  • Rating: NR
  • Pronunciationah-gru-MAH-to
  • UPC793232405032


Los Angeles 2019 Gold Medal

In the region of Abruzzo, olives and citrus are pressed together for refreshing new oils produced at the end of the olive season. This yields delicious extra virgin olive oil combined with bright citrus.

Citron, or cedro in Italian, has a distinctive gnarly skin and pulpy interior. The thick skin is intensely fragrant, producing bright concentrated flavor derived from the essential oils in the outermost layer. The interior produces very little juice!

Consider this to be a step beyond lemon, and a perfect choice for foodies on the search for something new and different!

We’ve tried this with a variety of raw and cooked foods. It is wonderful tossed with pasta and fresh ricotta. Try a drizzle over grilled fish. This adds a special flair to roasted vegetables and fresh field greens.
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