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Artibel Fig Syrup Essence of Fig

Artibel Fig Syrup Essence of Fig ATL-001

Artibel Fig Syrup Essence of Fig

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  • Size:250 ml
  • Region:Calabria
  • UPC8007946040116

Another treasure for fig lovers is this traditional fig syrup from Calabria.

In Calabria, they take supreme care in selecting and drying the figs in August and September. They dry outdoors on special mats for air circulation during the day and are brought inside at night so no dew can form. 

This syrup comes from Dottato Figs, with rich flesh and tiny seeds, yielding a syrup both intense and harmonious. 

This careful skill is very important today as the production of figs in Cosenza is only a small fraction of what it was 50 years ago. 

Toss out the predictable swirl of raspberry sauce on your cheesecake. Elevate it with Artibel Fig Syrup. Even better, drizzle over blanched green beans, and serve as a side dish with poultry or pork. Excellent as a pork glaze.

Fig syrup enlightens roasted fresh figs, and also brings a fabulous flavor to vinaigrette on field greens or chicory. 

Ingredients: Fig extract, sugar.

6.5 grams carbs per Tablespoon

Refrigerate after opening. 

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