Badia a Coltibuono Albereto Unfiltered Organic 2021

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  • Bottle Size:500 ml.
  • Certification:Organic, IGP Toscano
  • Harvest: 2021
  • Region:Tuscany
  • Rating: 96
  • PronunciationBAH-dya ah col-ti-BWO-no al-ber-ET-to
  • UPC792895000127


Expected to arrive week of 25 April 2022.

Badia a Coltibuono's Albereto unfiltered extra virgin olive oil is a rich emerald green color. The olive cultivars are frantoio, leccino, and pendolino.

We are thrilled with the return of Albereto.

Gold Award - 2021 NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition

Flos Olei 2018 (92/100)

Flos Olei 2017 (92/100)

Gold Award - 2017  NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition

This oil is from Badia a Coltibuono's Albereto Estate. Podere Albereto, the small Albereto estate, forms a boundary with the unspoiled forest surrounding Badia a Coltibuono. Albereto's favored olive trees, arrayed across 22.5 acres at 1550 feet above sea level, render choice varieties for production of this piquant, unfiltered oil. As the particles settle the translucent color becomes clear. The oil has an intense aroma with hints of asparagus, tarragon sage, and almonds.

According to Deborah Krasner in "The Flavors of Olive Oil", this oil is "made from Frantoio, Leccino, and Pendolino olives, the oil has a well-rounded, complex flavor and some finish."

Please note that this is the only premium selection from Coltibuono imported this year.

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