Brezzo Mixed Condiments for Cheese, with Wood Tray

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  • Size:5 x 35 gr
  • Region:Piemonte
  • PronunciationBREZ-zho
  • UPC8000571004812


Elevate the cheese! Take your cheese to the next level with this assortment of preserves for cheese, served on a wood tray.

The cheeseboard gift box presents 5 different condiments for cheese, 35 grams each, making this a wonderful gift idea.

Fig Mostarda - a northern Italian specialty, this preserve combines sweet figs with the heat of mustard. Ideal with cave-aged cheese and cured meats.

(Ingredients: figs, brown sugar, citric acid, mustard essence)

Red Onions Jam - Italian naturally sweet red onions, terrific with matured cheeses.

(Ingredients: red onions, cane sugar, citric acid)

Pear & Ginger Preserve - Enjoy the classic sweet combination between cheese and pears, with a fresh and tangy touch of ginger. Best served with mild cheeses.

(Ingredients: pears, cane sugar, ginger powder)

Green Tomatoes and Figs - Perfectly balanced sweet & sour jam, the tomatoes’ sharp tones are harmonized by the sweetness of the figs. Superb with fresh cheese.

(Ingredients: green tomatoes, cane sugar, figs, lemon with rind, cloves)

Truffle Honey - The sweetness and softness of the acacia honey meet the refined flavor of the truffle in a unique sweet and divine pairing ideal for drizzling on pecorino.

(Ingredients: acacia honey 99.9%, truffle artificial flavor 0.1%)

This is an ideal gift for a cheese lover — and it is the perfect party starter or accompaniment to a dessert cheese course.

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