Ca'Rainene Classico Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2020

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  • Bottle Size:500 ml
  • Harvest: 2020
  • Region:Veneto
  • Rating: 98
  • UPC8052990605033


Paolo Bonomelli's Boutique Olive Oil Farm is a very special place above Lake Garda. The breezes and sun exposure are ideal for the development of the carefully crafted olive oils.

2021 Bibenda 5 Drop “Top Excellence Olive Farm”

Paolo Bonomelli’s Ca’Rainene Classico is lightly fruity and delicate, with a bit of a green aroma. It finishes with a light bitterness and a step up in intensity. It is best suited for fish, white meats, fresh vegetables and desserts. In addition, we find it also delicious on pizza and tomato sauces.

The olives are harvested in the second 10 days of October and are crushed within 6 hours of harvest. All selections are conserved oxygen-free in a stainless steel tank. The storage facility is controlled for both atmosphere and temperature.

New photo coming soon. There is no gift box with this year's Classico.
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