Calabrian Baked Figs Wrapped in Fig Leaves, Glass Jar

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  • Size:7.05 oz
  • Region:Calabria
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This is an amazing traditional food from the producer Artibel in the province of Cosenza in Calabria. Called a Pallone; the figs (Italian Dottato figs) are roasted and wrapped in fig leaves -- and presented in glass jars.

These have a sweet caramel flavor and this gathered ball is the size of an apple. This is a rustic and attractive seasonal treat, only available after the harvest each fall. 

Well protected and gorgeous, this delicacy displays beautifully and is an ideal present. The jar is both clever and protective and it allows you to share this very special treat. (We sold out of baked figs very early last year).

These figs are ideal on a cheese board, or served with yogurt or ice cream.

Once opened keep wrapped and eat within 2 weeks. Fig leaves not intended for consumption.

Ingredients: Dried baked figs, fig leaves

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