Caponi Egg Tagliolini Artisan Truffle Pasta

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  • Size:250 gr.
  • Region:Marche
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Caponi Tagliolini all'Uovo con Tartufo 

Caponi pasta is carefully hand-crafted using only the best durum wheat semolina, for its high level of protein, and fresh eggs delivered daily.

Each egg is still split by hand, and each stage of the production process is meticulously controlled by the individual worker. The long drying time, 70 – 80 hours at room temperature, is a distinguishing characteristic of Pastificio Caponi, and ensures the organoleptic quality of the dough is not altered. The result is an egg pasta with a rich color, a beautiful smooth and velvety texture and an exquisite, rich flavor.

Pasta Caponi is for the gourmand who values good taste and Italian culinary traditions.

This very special pasta is crafted with semolo di grano duro, eggs, and truffle (2.7%).

Truffle Tagliolini s recommended with creamy, buttery sauces.

Please enjoy “al dente”. Please don’t overcook. Cooking time 2-3 minutes.

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