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  • Region:Campania
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Antico Molino Napoli Antimo Caputo Semola di Grano Duro Rimacinata Semolina Flour (Semolina Flour) comes to us from Naples. Add an authentic Italian ingredient to your homemade pasta, bread, and baking.

Semolina is the purified milling of durum wheat. Semola is derived for the Latin word for flour, and semolina is the common name for this special flour. This ingredient adds structure and bite to homemade pasta and a small amount added to pastry dough adds a rustic character. A very necessary ingredient for Semolina bread.

From Antimo Caputo in Naples. Semolina made from durum wheat is yellow in color and high in gluten.

Semolina is recommended for homemade pasta, breads, and baking.

When mixed with 00 flour for pasta we recommended proportions ranging from 1 tablespoon of Semolina per cup of flour up to a 50-50 blend of semolina to "double zero".

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