Case d'Alto Coevo Leccio del Corno Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2019 (250 ml)

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  • Bottle Size:250 ml.
  • Certification:Organic
  • Harvest: 2019
  • Region:Campania
  • Rating: 95
  • Pronunciationcoh-EE-voh Leh-CHEE-oh del COR-no


A few years ago we met Rocco from Case d'Alto in Verona. Following good success with his excellent olive oils, we have added the monocultivar Leccio del Corno selection, produced under the Coevo label. From the town of Grottominarda in the Province of Avellino, in the Region of Campania, the farm is located far inland from Salerno and Naples.
This excellent selection has an aroma that is medium fruity, with fresh olive notes, and hints of citrus. The flavor characteristics are well balanced bitter and spicy with elements of balsamic herbs, and with amazing slight notes of vanilla in the finish. You'll find lots of personality here!

This is ideal on salads, especially fresh spinach. Drizzle on warm vegetable soups and the warmth brings out the best and most appealing aromas. Also try with simple fish, chicken breasts, and potatoes.

Polyphenols: 851 mg/kg

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