Castellino Grilled Olives

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  • Size:6.5 oz
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Made in Italy, a unique product with a very simple recipe. Selected large green olives, pitted, grilled and marinated with red and yellow peppers and a touch of Italian spices. The Grilled Olives have a perfect balance in their taste: smoky and tasty.

The Grilled Olives can be either a perfect side-dish for roasted meat, a really impressive ingredient in your salads and an appetizer in your aperitif. This olive mix is the perfect finish to your antipasto plate.

Hand packed in Marche.

6.5 oz.

Ingredients: pitted green and black olives, sunflower seed oil, red and yellow peppers, capers, salt, spices, white wine vinegar, acidity corrector, lactic acid, and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). Refrigerate after opening.
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