Chiavenna Pizzoccheri della Valtellina IGP Pasta

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  • Size:500 gr.
  • Certification:IGP
  • Region:Lombardia
  • UPC87009580200444


As seen on Stanley Tucci's Searching for Italy on CNN. 

This authentic pasta comes to us from the area of Lombardia, where buckwheat is staple in the diet. 

Buckwheat is an important staple in the northern parts of Lombardy, and the grain is often ground into flour for making pasta – such as this pizzoccheri. Would you like a traditional recipe? This is often served with cubes of potato, wilted cabbage and melted local cheese; it is a rustic dish traditionally served in the high mountain villages of the region. For a fresh take, substitute Swiss Chard for the cabbage. 

This pasta feature a slight nuttiness and latent earliness. When cooked it is tan, with speckles of darker buckwheat. 

The pasta shape is similar to short pieces of fettuccine or pappardelle. It is also ideal for broth-based soups. A sharp and bright pesto works well with this earthy pasta!

Cooks 8-10 minutes. Please serve al dente.

Ingredients: durum wheat flour, whole buckwheat flour (20%), durum wheat semolina. May contain traces of soy.

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