CioBio Farina di Grano Tenero Tipo "0"

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  • Size:1000 gr.
  • Certification:Organic
  • Region:Basilicata
  • UPC8056446730867


CioBio Organic Soft Wheat Flour, Type 0

This is amazing flour and we are thrilled to be able to import it. This flour was milled in December. It had a long trip (you know, that supply chain concern?) so it was effectively refrigerated for the long journey through the winter. 

We have baked bread with this and it makes beautiful and flavorful loaves. 

We have learned that the Italian law only allows for a 6-month best by date on flour. Being milled in early December, this should carry a printed date in early June. The label shows the milling date and the best by date -- only 5 months apart. (We can send you a photo if you'd like to see it). This is a really small producer, and these things happen! Until the supply chain issue clears, we will not be able to import this again. 

This flour is from Genzano di Lucania (Potenza), Basilicata. Produced by CioBio Agricoltura Biologica. 

Ingredient: Organic soft wheat (Contains gluten). Please freeze if you are not intending to use promptly.

Listing is for one 1-Kilo bag.


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