CioBio Lenticchia Organic Lentils

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  • Size:500 gr
  • Certification:Organic
  • Region:Basilicata
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Enjoy our new organic discovery from CioBio in Basilicata. These heirloom legumes are from the areas near the producer. The farms are in the villages of Aceranza and Genzano in Basilicata.

These Lenticchia (Lentils) are known for their delicate earthy flavor, very thin skin, and al dente texture. These are tiny colorful green and brown lentils. They do not require pre-soaking and they retain their shape beautifully when properly cooked.

Chock full of protein, minerals, fiber, and iron, lentils have been a powerful superfood since ancient times. They make a delicious warm-weather salad with a bit of fresh tomato, celery, and olive oil. Add them to your favorite vegetables for a hearty lentil soup, or mix them into any pasta dish for an extra nutritious boost. Add them to your salads and grain bowls!

Fagioli (or Lentils): Serve at room temperature or refrigerator cold (and cooked with the same base with battuto) to make a salad by adding high quality tuna in olive oil, celery leaves, red onion, olives and a hard-boiled egg, and of course "una Croce di olio" (a Cross of oil) at the end. Use high quality olive oil and enjoy the aroma!

No soaking required - these powerful little lentils will cook up quickly. Please check them beginning at 30 minutes. Store in a cool, dry place.

500 grams. This listing is for one package.


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