Colle Fraioli Connubium Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2020

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  • Bottle Size:500ml
  • Harvest: 2020
  • Region:Lazio
  • Rating: 95


This is a delightful new selection from Lazio. We met Marinita and her husband, Marco, in Verona, where we were able to taste this remarkable olive oil. 

This is an Itrana, Moraiolo, and Leccino blend. It is delightful, yet somewhat more intense than other Itrana selections from Lazio. Harmonic, with vegetale flavors of artichoke and lettuces. Bitter and pungent are present and well balanced with a sweet finish. 

This is perfect for a chopped salad where it will enhance many flavors and texture. It is also an excellent choice for seafood appetizers, chickpea salads, boiled legumes, pasta with tomato sauce, roasted and grilled vegetables, roast chicken and lamb, and fennel sausages. 

Please note the lovely gift box. 

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