Colomba all'Albicocca Cake from Perbellini

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Our Perbellini Colomba, the traditional Italian Easter cake, baked in the shape of a dove, is made fresh every spring by Pasticceria Perbellini near Verona. Beautifully hand crafted and hand wrapped for you. 

Months before the Colomba goes into the oven to be baked, the artisan bakers being by working with what is the secret to the natural and rich taste of his Colomba: a natural yeast. The mixture obtained is allowed to ferment for days and finally mixed with more flour to create a rich dough.The top is glazed to preserve the moist cake-bread.

Pair slices of Colomba with Prosecco, Italy's most famous sparkling wine from the Veneto, for a celestial experience. As with panettone, it also makes a delightful accompaniment to brunch, and finally as French toast. 

Apricot....phenomenal! This version includes drops of apricot conserve throughout the soft, buttery cake. 

The famous Perbellini family bakery in Verona produces one of the very best panettone in Italy, and their Colombe cakes are made to the same extraordinary standards.

880 gr. 

Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, butter, fresh eggs, almonds, apricot, cocoa butter, yeast, emulsifier, salt, flavorings. May contain traces of dried fruit and nuts. Please contact us if additional details are required. 

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