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Cuore Verde Purgatorio Beans

Cuore Verde Purgatorio Beans  ARB-006

Cuore Verde Purgatorio Beans

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  • Size:500 gr
  • Certification:Organic
  • Region:Umbria

Small, tender, and delicate beans, these are easy to cook! Farmed in the area of Viterbo, and in the town of Gradoli. 

They owe their name to an ancient tradition dating back to 1600. On Ash Wednesday, lunch was offered to the poor and needy. This meal was know as Lunch in Purgatory. 

The traditional recipes calls for the beans to be cooked in water, simmered with garlic, sage, bay leaves, salt, pepper, and plenty of extra virgin olive oil. 

You'll find many favorite recipes for these!

500 gr

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