Da Vinci Crude Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Set

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  • Bottle Size:3 x 250 ml
  • Certification:Organic (Arcamone and Lenzini), DOP (all)
  • Harvest: 2020
  • Region:Veneto, Tuscany, Puglia
  • Tasting Notes: a great way to compare noted olive oils from each region
  • Rating: 96-98


Da Vinci Code followers can travel through Italy seeking the holy grail in the form of crude – the finest extra virgin olive oils in Italy. The perfect gift—the treasure, three authentic oils from throughout Italy—packed in a gift box. This is an ideal way to taste the regional differences that make Italian olive oil so special! This edition presents olive oils from Veneto, Tuscany, and Puglia (the heel of the boot).

From the north and the lands of Veneto, just east of Lake Garda. Bonamini's DOP Veneto Valpolicella is a light, fruity olive oil. You note subtle aromas of herbs, lettuce, apples, and grass in this delightful versatile extra virgin olive oil. Fresh and complex, with a lingering "medio" pepper that adds flavor and complexity without too much pepper. Excellent for risotto, lightly grilled fish, vegetables, and white meats. Flos Olei 2020 (100/100). Gold Award - 2021 NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition

The Tenuta Lenzini estate covers 24 hectares in the Gragnano area, situated in the hills to the east of Lucca. The oils from Lucca have a special appeal and notably they have a buttery aspect not found in oils from other parts of Tuscany. Rich, buttery, and fruity, rich with nuances, and with notes of grass, and a mild peppery finish. Composed of several varieties of olives including Frantoio (65%), Leccino (20%), and Maurino, Pendolino, and Moraiolo (combined at 15%), the resulting oil has very low acidity and wonderful healthful properties. Perfect for fettunta, bean soup, tagliata, bruschetta, and pinzimonio. Simply delightful on grilled salmon. Bibenda 5 Gocce 2020. A winner of  Chiocciole - Slow Food Recognized Farm 2021 and Presidium Slow Food 2021.

DeCarlo Arcamone : Both DOP and Organic, this special oil is medium intense and crafted exclusively from estate grown Coratina olives. It is ideal with grilled vegetables, grilled porcini mushrooms, mixed legume (bean) soups, tomato salads, and vegetable soups. Try this on fresh pasta with a simple sauce of roasted tomatoes. Los Angeles Competition 2020: Gold Medal - Robust. Flos Olei 2021 (99/100). A winner of Chiocciole - Slow Food Recognized Farm 2021 and the Gambero Rosso Special Award for Best Organic 2021.

It's a great gift!

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