DeCarlo Sun Kissed Pomodorini Tomatoes

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  • Size:190 gr
  • Region:Puglia
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The DeCarlo family of Bitritto in the area of Bari in Puglia was featured in Tom Mueller’s book, Extravirginity. You’ll find DeCarlo oil at Olio2go, and you can also sample their marvelous sun kissed tomatoes.

Why sun kissed? You could call them half-dried. The sweet tomato flavor is concentrated, but not leathery. And, it keeps a very fresh taste. These are delightful. Add them to pizza or serve with cheese – ricotta, pecorino, or mozzarella. You’ll find a way to keep eating these!

Cherry tomatoes in extra virgin olive oil with salt, garlic, and herbs.

Once opened, refrigerate and use within 8 days. Be sure to use the remaining olive oil as it is also a taste sensation!

190 gr., 6.7 oz
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