Del Carmine Pasta Spaghetti

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  • Size:500 gr.
  • Region:Marche


Del Carmine pasta comes to us from the coastal city of Ancona in the Marche Region. This family business believes in using only the best quality ingredients in their pastas, hand-selecting only grains grown alongside their 26 hectare olive grove to ensure this quality.

These pastas are made with bronze dies in the classic shapes of traditional Italian pastas. The pastas are made with high quality semolina used by generations of quality pasta makers and they are very patiently dried on site.

The processing with special bronze instruments enhances the handcrafted characteristics providing a rougher surface for the pasta to absorb the tomato “ragù” sauce and other sauces. The pasta has a rich, nutty aroma. 

Spaghetti – the name evokes Neapolitan word for string, spago. This is the classic, dense, flavorful pasta, and it cooks perfectly to al dente. Do we really need to give you ideas for recipes for Spaghetti? 

Please enjoy “al dente”. Please don’t overcook. Cooking time: 12-14 minutes.

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