Fonte di Foiano Sampler Gift Set 2020

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  • Bottle Size:3 x 100 ml
  • Certification:Flos Olei Farm of the Year
  • Harvest: 2020
  • Region:Tuscany
  • Rating: 97-100


For the discerning extra virgin olive oil fanatic, this is a set of three award-winning olive oils from Fonte di Foiano.

Flos Olei 2021 (99/100) 

The notable oils are: Grand Cru, 1979, and Riflessi. All were harvested and crushed in Fall 2020.

The Grand Cru Selection is produced with the best varieties of the olive-grove, hand picked in very early harvest. Intensely herbaceous and fruity, with notes of green tomato and artichoke. Intensely hot and bitter. Best for raw use--as a finishing oil.  

1979 is intensely fruity with notes of grass, artichoke, and tomato leaf. It is both bitter and spicy with a very long, persistent finish. Excellent profile.

The Riflessi Selection is produced with the best varieties of the olive grove, hand-picked Maurino and Pendolino olives of the early harvest. Very aromatic, and lightly to moderately fruity, with notes of tomato and aromatic grass. Mild spice and bitterness. Staff favorite.

Perfectly packed in an attractive box, making it an ideal gift. 

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