Frantoi Cutrera IGP Sicilia 2019 (250 ml)

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  • Bottle Size:250 ml.
  • Certification:IGP Sicilia
  • Harvest: 2019
  • Region:Sicily
  • Rating: 95
  • UPC8030853001833


Flos Olei 2020 (98/100)

Flos Olei 2018 (96/100)

Flos Olei 2017 (96/100)

New! IGP Sicilia is the latest development from Frantoi Cutrera in Sicily. This is a lush blend of Biancollila and Nocellara del Belice olives, native to Sicily. It is medium fruity with notes of tomatoes and artichokes. The finish has lingering bitter and spicy notes.

There are 4 labels representing Sicilian landmarks. All contain the same olive oil.

Excellent for soups, salads, bruschetta, roasted meats, grilled vegetables, and any other Mediterranean classics.

Estate recognized by Slow Food and Flos Olei.

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