Frantoi Cutrera Segreti di Sicilia Miele di Millefiori Multiflower Honey

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  • Size:250 gr
  • Region:Sicily
  • UPC8030853087431


From Frantoi Cutrera's Segreti di Sicilia line.

Segreti di Sicilia Miele di Millefiori: Unpasteurized Multi-flower honey, produced in crops and wild fallow land in the hills of central Sicily. The bees visit thousands of flowers to craft this honey.

An ideal accompaniment on a cheese platter, excellent with yogurt, and wonderful in tea. Glaze roast chicken or pork. Stir into marinades and sauces. Intense and aromatic flavor; naturally sweet. Perfect for breakfast or snack and to sweeten desserts and drinks.  Great with cheese. 

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