Frantoio Bonamini Campo di Casa Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2021

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  • Bottle Size:500 ml
  • Harvest: 2021
  • Region:Veneto
  • Rating: 95
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 Frantoio Bonamini is in the Illasi Hills near Verona in the Veneto region. Giancarlo and Sabrina Bonamini bring energy and careful skill to their olive oil production.

Campo di Casa is the bottling of the olives from the new grove, surrounding the facility at Olio Bonamini. Campo di Casa translates as home field. We also like the land surrounding the home.

For years the mill was surrounded by vineyards. Giancarlo and Sabrina came to the conclusion their land would best be used by more olive trees! The vineyards were removed and three hectares of land were planned with olive trees. From Spring 2012 to October 2015 the vines were removed and the trees were planted. These 4,000 young trees now yield the olives for Campo di Casa. Further they produce 2,500 half-liter bottles for a production of only 1250 liters from 4,000 trees. (Production will increase as the trees develop).

These young trees produce an exclusive harvest for Campo di Casa — and ensure its position in the very special Cru line.

The label evokes the local geography (complete with Latitude and Longitude), and the soft and sweet lightly-fruity notes of Campo di Casa (the land of the home) include a large variety of olive types in this experimental grove. Grignano, Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino, Maurino, Arbequina, Gorgazzo, Rasara, Casaliva, Bianchera, Arbosana, Itrana and Coratina.

Perfect with delicately flavored dishes such as fish, pasta with white sauces, fresh cheeses, and boiled vegetables.

Flos Olei 2022 (100/100)

Flos Olei 2022 Hall of Fame - Frantoio Bonamini

Flos Olei 2021 Hall of Fame - Frantoio Bonamini

It's a fresh extra virgin olive oil, with herbaceous and fruity aromas, that pairs well to enhance your day to day cooking. Shines through chicken, fish, soups, and risotto. Nicely complex with very minimal bitter notes and a mild peppery finish.

The aroma is a fruity and herbaceous perfume that is very pleasant. We found the taste to be smooth.

Drizzle over a variety of dishes. This will add a pleasing note to all.

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