Frantoio Bonamini San Felice Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2021 (250 ml)

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  • Bottle Size:500 ml
  • Harvest: 2021
  • Region:Veneto
  • Rating: 95


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Frantoio Bonamini is in the Illasi Hills near Verona in the Veneto region. Giancarlo and Sabrina Bonamini bring energy and careful skill to their olive oil production.

Authenticity and wellness are the features of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the San Felice selection from Frantoio Bonamini. It's a fresh extra virgin olive oil, with milder flavor notes, that combines well with every type of dish for everyday use. A very mild and versatile olive oil. This has a single note “hit” of pepper in the finish.

The aroma is a fruity perfume that is very pleasant. We found the taste to be smooth and almost buttery.

Drizzle over a variety of dishes. May add to cold and hot dishes of medium intensity, May be used for brief cooking periods at high temperature. This will add a pleasing note to all.

Flos Olei 2022 (100/100)

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Flos Olei 2021 Hall of Fame - Frantoio Bonamini

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