Fregula Sarda, Imported from Sardinia

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  • Size:500 gr.
  • Region:Sardinia
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Fregula Sarda Grossa is very special and traditional durum wheat pasta from Sardinia. It is a variation on couscous as it is a toasted pasta. The pasta is formed and then lightly toasted, adding a depth of flavor to your boiled pasta.

Recipes for Fregula Sarda often include the pasta paired with seafood, such as clams. Other great pairings include tomatoes, lemon, asparagus, sausage and it is nice for a summer salad. Substitute for Orzo in recipes for salads and side dishes.

You can see Rachael Ray’s video recipe with Fregula Sarde through this link

Ingredients: durum wheat semolina and water

500 gr.

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