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Giro del Sud Gift Box

Giro del Sud Gift Box OLI-SUD

Giro del Sud Gift Box

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  • Bottle Size:1x750 mL olive oil bottle, 1x500gr Pasta, 1x330gr Sauce, 1x190gr pesto, 1x290gr olives
  • Harvest: 2017
  • Region:Sicily, Puglia
  • Rating: 98

Give the gift of an authentic Italian experience with this Giro del Sud Gift Set, featuring Frescolio extra virgin olive oil and organic cherry tomato sauce from Frantoi Cutrera and Segreti di Sicilia. 

Frantoi Cutrera Frescolio: This extra virgin olive oil is the latest development from Frantoi Cutrera in Sicily. It is a lush blend of Biancollila and Nocellara del Belice olives, native to Sicily. It is medium fruity with notes of tomatoes and artichokes. The finish has lingering bitter and spicy notes. Drizzle over pasta and sauce for the best authentic finish. Frescolio is accompanied by a packet of Oregano. 

Frantoio Cutrera Organic Cherry Tomato Sauce in a Retro bottle:   Be ready for quick meals with Salsa Pronto Pomodoro Ciliegino Cherry Tomato Sauce! It's ready in two minutes and enough for four.  The vintage bottle also makes it an ideal gift. Certified Organic. The sauce is crafted from Cherry tomatoes in extra virgin olive oil, basil, onion and, sea salt from Trapani.

Cutrera Pesto & Bruschetta Ibleo is the first choice for crostini, bruschetta, and also makes a superb topping on pizza. Aromatic, flavorful, and artisan-crafted. 

Olive Verdi Intere in Salamoia: Cutrera is also offering these Nocellara whole green olives in brine. Great for snacking or cocktails or add to your antipasti selection.

Ciccio Dorazio Riccioli Pasta: Riccioli is a springy shape. Best we can describe, it looks like linguine wrapped around a pencil. It’s perfect with the Cherry Tomato Salsa Pronto and also makes a great pasta salad -- imagine bits of tomato, olives, basil, and other herbs nestled in the twists! 

Packed, wrapped, and ready to ship, this item makes a wonderful gift!

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